About Us


  • The Owners
    • Chad and Holly Eppes
    • Holly and Chad Eppes decided to open a dog kennel when they couldn't find one that met the individual needs of their dogs, although a few came really close. Holly is a true Dog Enthusiast. She began visiting Town Lake Animal Shelter during her frequent jogs and found out the horrors of an overpopulated dog world. This spurred her involvement in Austin Pets Alive and in her own rescue efforts.
    • She worked at Dogboy's Dog Ranch and Barking Hound Village to learn more about dog care and to fulfill her desire to help and care for dogs. This helped her forge the beginnings of Crackerdog and the type of care she now offers. She still studies different techniques for working with dogs and has attended numerous seminars to educate herself.
    • Chad and Holly keep their dogs enriched by frequent visits to a nearby park that Crackerdog will use for field trips.
    • Although Chad is not an active member of the staff at Crackerdog, you might see him helping out with the yard or other maintenance needs. He stays busy during the summer with Camps for Kids. He also enjoys playing with his brother in The Eppes Brothers Band at McQueeney Hall.
  • The Pack
    • Joy

      Joy was Holly's first dog. She also goes by "The Princess" Joy. She is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever. She loves to play ball and Frisbee. In fact, she'll retrieve anything you throw. She is Holly and Chad's star athlete! Joy is also a Divine Canine.
    • Dude

      The goofy boy Dude was Chad's first dog. He is the cheerleader of the group (when you meet him you'll see why). Dude was actually responsible for Holly and Chad meeting but that's a whole other story for another time. Dude is a very large black Labrador Retriever. He probably could be the athlete of the bunch if he wasn't so busy running around cheering the rest of the pack on.